FlashCoach provides instant answers for solving daily management problems.

Welcome to your new solution for the problems you face every day trying to lead and manage people.

Our content is developed by senior executives who have not forgotten their days in the trenches, face to face with real people, struggling to find ways to solve simple business problems at work.

Coaching packages typically include:

  • Written coaching advisories on key topics
  • Video lessons
  • White papers
  • Cheat sheets and hack notes

All material is provided at prices that are much more affordable than traditional executive coaching programs.


Why This?

FlashCoach provides instant coaching moments to resolve your concerns about your own effectiveness as a manager.

Are you new to management? Were you thrown into a supervisor role without any sort of preparation? Has someone whispered a suggestion about your management style to you?

You need a flash coach to help you with the things that surprise you every day.


Are you in a management role?
Do you WANT to become a real leader or a better leader?

You are not alone. For decades, modern business has chosen its brightest performers to take on management duties. You move from being someone ON the team to being the leader of the team. Often there is little if any preparation. You get thrown into the role. Then the fun begins.

It’s really different on the other side of the desk.

If you feel the need for some quick help to solve an immediate leadership problem, this site is for you.


Here are some of the common areas where all managers struggle:

Building and Keeping Your Confidence as a Manager

Three Big Things


Favoritism /Preferrential Treatment

Poor Listening Skills

Taking Credit/Assigning Blame



The Friend Zone – Ways to Avoid It



Staff Meetings – Conducting Effectively

Presentations – Avoiding Death by Slideshow


Not Coaching/Developing Others

Leading by Example

Servant Leadership

Acting Too Quickly or Not Quick Enough


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